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It is common practice at THE GARDEN SURGERY to provide good customer service,With good customer service comes a good quality product. After each and every job we send out a detailed questionnaire to our customers and this gives them the chance to comment on various aspects of the garden surgery from the staff to the product even our musical tastes, We also ask what can we do better..We have taken quotes from our questionnaire for you to see what our customers actually think of us...I am sure it is easy for me to write nice comments myself, but these are genuine and you are welcome to view any questionnaire at any time. From the quotes you can see we try to put customer service at the top of our list. from the moment you call us you get 100% from conception to completion. Also don`t forget you can comment anytime on anything you see by using our guestbook or blog.

We are so confident in our work and know that our customers have been more than happy that you are welcome to view genuine makeovers and talk to the real people who have already used us, just feel free to ask and we will arrange you can't ask for more than that.


comments on our gardens

It will seem strange not having Steve and Jason around, Dave and I was starting to feel they had become extended members of the family, we really enjoyed having them and will both miss them.  We have lost two great landscapers, but gained some good friends, who we hopefully will keep in touch with.Thank you all for the hard work and determination, and battling with all the rain we have had to get the garden complete.  The garden is looking great.  I cannot wait until the spring when we can really enjoy and appreciate it, sitting out in the evening having tea on the patio and maybe a glass of wine, (or two)…..

Thank you so much for the garden, we love it! Hope Steve is starting to thaw out now, can't believe how hard you've worked in the freezing cold. We can't wait to get the rest done.

Just to say a big thank you for a job well done , we are both very pleased with the end result, once the summerhouse is installed along with a few plants it will look fantastic.

 Your team are a credit to you and like you they are perfectionists and make sure the job is done correctly , it would have been easy to cut corners but both Jason and Chad have obviously been led by someone who takes pride in their work.
Once again thanks for the garden, and you can be sure we will inform all who ask to log into your website.
I hope you and the team enjoyed a drink with our compliments.
Regards Dave & Chris
 PS: Nearly forgot the "BOSS" Thanks Emma for your input with the orders etc you have a great hubby who is a credit to THE GARDEN SURGERY.


"The sun circle at Wychwood Village appears to have totally transformed this garden. It is impactive and spectacular looking and appears to combine dramatic effect with low maintenance".


"If you had seen the country retreat before the superb Steve took it on. It looked liked a country field, not a retreat. The photo shown is only part of the retreat and does not give full credit to the whole project. We have people doing a double take now when they walk past. Thank you for all the hard work done by a fantastic team. Especially with the wall and boundary lines fun!!!"


"Hi all just want to say what a fantastic garden the Garden Surgery have created for us. It may not be the most exciting garden but it's perfect for our two little boys and ideal for barbecues and parties! The boys absolutely love having a safe outdoor space to play in now, as it was just rubble and weeds before and we even have an adult space for a well earned glass of wine! The Garden Surgery are the most hard working people ever! They even 'slabbed in the dark' to get the garden finished. It was an experience not to be forgotten, particularly our visited to the local spooky building "(you know what I mean!) Many many thanks again"


"The quote was absolutely the best value for money, above all others, coupled with a friendly,realistic approach to business  made us choose the garden surgery"


"Steve has obviously got a good rapport with his team (could do with some singing lessons though haha!!)


"All Steve's staff were brilliant, and got on well, and they went above and beyond to ensure the job was finished despite the weather."


"very friendly, took the time to get to know our dog, so she was happy with there presence, this is important to pet owners"


to say the least our garden really was a nightmare, and not what anyone was expecting the hard work and determination that TGS have put in has paid off and we can now appreciate our garden and its amazing features. We really did believe in Emmas ideas and the teams capabilities however nothing could have prepared them more for the weeks!!! ahead with aching backs and broken tools!! but still they seemed to carry on through hail and sunshine to create an amazing space which we could have never imagined.. dream gardens really do happen with the garden surgery : ) we would like to thank all at TGS for their hard work  and determination!! your stars and great new friends love a very happy James and kirsty



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Comments on our customer service

"The designer was very helpful and friendly"

"The quote was very competitive"

"I chose the garden surgery due to the website being very good and showing us what can be done"

"The staff were very friendly"

"No improvements could be made,everything was to a high standard"

"The finished design was better than we expected and i would recommend the garden surgery to my friends and family"

"I don`t think any improvements could be made as everything was handled very professionally throughout the project"

"We met Steve having a chat with our neighbours, we initially thought he was a resident! shows he was not pushing his business which is good."

"Being a computer guy i was impressed by the effort Steve had put into his website - he showed a lot of enthusiasm"

"Steve had a bad taste in music playing 80s while they work, however the rest of the team were very approachable"

"We are very happy with the results, would happily recommend your services.

"The other landscapers quote was roughly the same but Steve was much better to deal with"

"Steve and the guys were brilliant!"

"We are both so impressed with design and think it captures exactly what we were looking for "

"Moreover, we like you, and how you do business - the service we have received from you far surpassed that of anyone else who we have consulted"

"A real person to talk to, Emma is very approachable"

"A brilliant way of quoting and paying labour and materials, allowed us to see exactly where our money was going"

"Steve's constant singing and communicating made for a happy team and customer"


It can be expensive to get your garden done, they weren't the cheapest quote but they certainly did a tremendous job. Excellent value for get what you pay for!


Emma organised everything. This was great for us. We knew what was happening but without the hassle of having to do it all... Jane Stoke. 


Friendly, polite, hard working. a superb job from TGS