One of the main services provided by The Garden Surgery is Garden Makeovers.           We will take your blank canvas and create that all important usable space.        

Over the years we have designed and created many gardens using the best possible materials for the best possible price. We pride ourselves on using individual design aspects, thus to create a more natural feel which includes Natural timber sleepers and natural stone paving. Of course we don’t just create large garden makeovers, We also have as much experience in creating small low maintenance gardens using paving and gravel. We are also retaining garden specialists and are not afraid to tackle the most steepest unusable gradient in your garden. You can use your own ideas or take advantage of our free consultation service to design and plan your dream garden.

You are very welcome to browse our portfolio. We always look forward to creating a makeover that’s as individual as you are.

 Below you can see what is involved in creating a garden makeover and what stages are involved and also see what makes us different from everyone else.



STAGE ONE (deciding what you require)

You have reached this website either by word of mouth or maybe a web search. Our website is designed to give you an detailed insight into what amazing gardens can be created, What products could be used and how the project will be created. With that in mind we have tried to provide as much information as we can on our landscaping company and the products and services we provide, This means b
efore you contact us you may have a better idea of your requirements

STAGE TWO (point of contact)

When you contact The Garden Surgery, Emma will be the first point of contact. Emma deals with all things office based. She will handle everything including planning and consultation. Emma will ask you for brief description of what you require and take your details and arrange an appointment with us (Steve or Emma) to discuss your requirements in more detail. Feel free to also email using the contact form or phone or text us for information if you are unsure about anything.

STAGE THREE (planning/survey stage)

When I first visit your home I will discuss your requirements and ideas. I will take notes and photographs and go away and create a design which will be created in 3D with the use of CAD. The design will be a fusion of your ideas and ours, thus giving you an idea of how the proposed garden could look (this is free). At this stage we will also measure the your garden and carry out a full survey. With all landscaping you require a degree of vision and the free planning service this enhances this vision. The plans are produced to scale and have an immense amount of detail. We will then try to present the plan to you within a weeks time, possibly 2 weeks in the busy months.You will be emailed  3D visuals of the garden. You can then decided whether to make tweaks and proceed to the quote stage. With these plans you can make the vital changes to make the garden individual to you are. When you have completely decided on the design we can then move onto the quote stage. The 3D plans are free, this will give you the proposed lay out and features of the garden.  This will show you exactly how your garden will look once completed. 

STAGE FOUR (the quote)

As we reach the quotation stage I may contact you again to finalise the details We can then look at materials such as decking and paving. We have a good selection of paving and decking samples for you to view and decide what fits best with your design. We also can provide catalogues from our suppliers to include all product ranges, subject to availability. We then move onto the quotation stage.  We then go away and compile this information and create the quotation. The advantage of building all our gardens from the 3D plans is that we are able to give very accurate quotes because we have very accurate measurements. 

MATERIALS... You will receive a very comprehensive breakdown of all the proposed costs by email. We do not make any money from materials and we supply to the customer at cost which is the best price we get them for as a business thus this showing our complete honesty. This is outlined in the quote with details of all our suppliers and prices are down the the last penny!

LABOUR... This part of the quote is again fully itemised down to the very last penny. We work in a very different way to other companies as we charge an hourly rate for the team so if the garden takes 3 days and 4 hours that's what you pay for. Unlike Some companies who charge a daily rate despite the hours not actually worked. We ensure you get your monies worth. The labour quote itself is very in depth supplying information such as what we will be doing on the days during the project. We estimate the time scale the project will take and we work very hard to bring the project in on or under quote which would give you a few extra penny's for the plants.

So now you have a complete breakdown to the very last penny of what your garden will cost and how expensive the quote goes is entirely up to the customer on how elaborate the material choices are. We also provide a customer/contractor contract which is loosely based around the contract provided by the Trading Standards Trader Register. This contract covers both parties and covers a variety of aspects giving the customers peace of mind.We will do our best to present the quote within a 2-3 week frame.

STAGE FIVE (your choice)

When you receive the quotation it will be clear to you what costs are involved. If you decide not to go with The Garden Surgery we would ask you to contact us within 14 days to tell us as we do go to a lot of trouble with our quotes and we feel it is only fair to receive feedback. If you say yes and require The Garden Surgery we will then get you booked into a date that is convenient to both parties. We then require the booking conditions signed and popped back to us asap. Once received via post or email. Emma then orders all of the materials and hire equipment required. You receive a payment sheet stating what has to be paid to whom, the method of payment and the relevant dates. At this point you will receive full details of our suppliers. The reason for this is we like the customer to feel that they are in control, paying directly with no added costs. Some suppliers require a credit/debit card payment which can be easily done over the phone, others also prefer cash so you feel like your in charge..*we do offer a discount for cash payments.


It really is that easy!  it is all designed for you the customer to know exactly what is going on and when, Visit our customers page and see what our previous customers say about this unique and open way of doing business.


01. Personal customer service throughout. We only work on one project at a time to ensure you get our full attention at all times.

02. Fully detailed and itemised quotes for materials, equipment and labour. Where possible we try to cost for all expenses on your project so you have an accurate cost.

03. All materials are supplied at cost. We do not make any money on these items. Materials and equipment are ordered in advance by Emma.

04. You only pay for the time the team is on site working.

05.  You pay our suppliers directly so you are in charge.

06. 3D computerised design service. The plan you agree is the plan we build to, so you know at the beginning how the garden will look once completed. Any changes are agreed in advance. No guess work, you are in control


 We provide a separate quote for labour and materials. We do this to give you an accurate price on the items required to build your garden project. Also it gives you the option to add or remove items according to your individual requirements.

The labour quote gives a daily itinerary, this shows you the customer the tasks to be completed and an estimate of how long they will take our team to complete.

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It all starts with a 3d CAD drawing