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The project planning and concepts

In January 2016 we were lucky enough to be asked to participate in the BBC DIY sos programme when it came to Shropshire in Feb that year. We were asked to design and build the garden to the project. We were thrilled to be part of this fantastic project. As with all Garden surgery projects, it began with a 3D plan. The garden was a huge project to undertake in itself.....the house  was also totally renovated inside and out. Another massive undertaking.

Joe & Lucy were chosen for help by the BBC panel. they had been selected because of their tragic circumstances and living situation, They were currently living in a caravan in the garden of the house they couldn't move back into to. Joe had started to renovate the house when his wife died suddenly. Along with looking after his young daughter, after losing his wife so tragically he wasn`t able to finish the house and provide a home for Lucy.

Some caring neighbours had written to the BBC and told DIY SOS about Joe and Lucy`s situation. The rest is history and they were selected. We responded to the appeal in the media which was asking for trades people to assist with the big build. In our capacity as landscapers and garden designers we offered our team to help with the garden. We also offered to design the project too. We worked along-side BBC designers and other designers to produce the final garden design. Our 3D design is what was finally built in the garden.

As with all Garden surgery projects, it began with a 3D plan. It was a big project. just like the house that was also totally renovated

The Big Build

Along side our garden surgery team we had many willing volunteers offering assistance in the garden. They helped us to build an amazing garden in just 9 days. It was a huge feat and a serious challenge from the outset. The weather was against us from day 1. Heavy rain, hail, sleet, frost and on occasions....snow. Mix that with a very rural location and it spells PUNISHING  

It was bitterly cold, we were knee deep in mud every day. The original garden was in horrendous condition. There was a large amount of clearance that was needed before any excavation took place.The volunteers were tremendous and everyone mucked in together, doing what needed to be done and to get the job on its way. This is the fabulous thing about DIY SOS, is the team spirit. We certainly needed it. With the conditions we were working in. It was great to meet the guys from the BBC. They fed us frequently, the food was great and the cakes brought by volunteers were epic and real boost to moral. While we persevered in the garden, the roof came off the house and its insides ripped out.....to be put back together in lightening speed

Our team was committed to the project for the duration. Steve was fully involved in the management of the landscaping. Doing what he does best...organising and keeping things moving in the right direction. So many volunteers, it was a big task but one which delighted Steve and he enjoyed doing it.


 Completion of the project 

The Garden surgery team worked alongside many other trades folk and organisations on the DIY sos project. Organisations such as Severn Trent, who built the culvert and installed mains water to the house. Water is something most of us take for granted. Gary a skilled stone masons built the most stunning walls on the brook and within the garden. they did such amazing work. Volunteers helped with planting and general labouring. Our team built fences, sleeper walls, paved cobbles and laid the new lawn. Steve and the guys pulled together to complete the project and handed over an amazing garden to the family. it was an honour to be involved in such a worthwhile project. 

Handover day was emotional. Joe and Lucy came home to see their home and garden for the first time. We were blown away by the finished house and garden, so for them it must have been mind blowing. We had been so busy during the garden build we hadn't even seen inside the house ourselves. So the first time we got to see everything was on reveal day. It was awesome, but so very humbling to have been involved with such a worthwhile cause. 

We hope you agree it is a great garden,The programme was aired in June 2016

 Lets take a look around....