FEB-AUG 2016 



Planning the Project (Summer 2015) 

The planning process for this garden began in the same way all our landscaping and garden makeover projects do. The concept begins with a site visit and meeting with our customer. The garden was a blank canvas. Both of us were at the initial stage meetings with our customers. The customers had some basic ideas about what they envisaged for the plot, but because the garden was so large they had drawn a blank with the detail and how to put those ideas into reality. through consultation we were able to tease out their personal requirements and dreams. This is such a vital ingredient when planning a garden. 

This is where concepts and garden design become fused and the imagination kicks in and goes wild. Both Steve and I are designers, a dynamic combination when it comes to planning an amazing space. We have the ability to walk into a garden, big or small and know how it could look and what can be achieved. This skill is what brings the plan to life and eventually turns dreams into reality. 

The 3D computer aided design that we use is an integral part of the design process. All our gardens are conceived in this way. The ideas that our in heads are realised onto the screen enabling our customers to see what we see in our mind's eye. This is especially important on such a large scale project where there are so many different elements and areas to consider.  A survey was carried out and the design ideas began to flow.

It takes some time to plan a garden, especially one on this scale. Steve and I collaborated over the plans. His experience in the construction of gardens and landscaping is imperative combined with my design flare and consideration of what our customers had specified were put into practice. The garden began to take shape in 3D. A few weeks later our customers received their plans while on holiday....they were astounded!

After a number of meetings the final plans were agreed. The customers loved the ideas and couldn`t quite believe that this would be their garden. It would be a quantum leap from what they had outside currently. 



The Build Begins  (February-April) 

Such a big build requires a full extensive survey. There was also some serious tree surgery to be completed prior to work commencing. Thankfully there were no trees of sentimental value, just ugly badly positioned large trees and overgrown shrubbery to remove. Once removed, site clearance and excavation began. The garden presented many challenges, one of which was the huge difference in level on the one side. Steve would need to engineer a solution to this. Also the weather was dreadful, typical winter conditions....freezing, snow, ice and rain. Who-ever said landscaping was glamorous!

As you can see...the guys required some serious plant & machinery to build this garden. The weather was so bad at points the machinery got stuck! but never ones to throw in the towel, we persevered and fought the elements to keep the build on track. 

The ground work is so vital on any project. This is often the part that takes the time and then you don`t see it again. What happens underground is the key to a solid garden. It also forms the bare bones, the skeleton for everything else to sit on. six Concrete pads, 30 full gabion baskets and 200 tonne of crushed hardcore later.....the bare bones were finally complete and buried under ground.



Build progress (May-July) 

Warmer weather always makes life easier and pleasant to work in. Scorching hot temperatures make life incredibly challenging and dangerous at times. Lets face it, we dont often get it so hot, we cant work in it....But we did and even worked in the evenings when it was cooler Thankfully no-one got sun stroke. Just some of the daily things we as landscapers have to consider. Working all year round we see the seasons come and go. The colourful changes that nature subtly introduces and before you know it, you're in the next season. 

The project was starting to take shape. the main structural elements such as the covered kitchen and seating area were taking shape. The hot tub had been moved temporarily while we constructed the new base for it. Also a 'mancave' was taking shape in the far corner of the garden. This would be a fabulous addition for the customer. During this whole build our customers were fully involved and much consultation took place about the detail of the garden. They were having some work done to their house at the same time. Gluttons for punishment they kept dreaming of a day when life would be quiet again and not have builders and landscapers in their space every day. 

To construct such a large project takes time, and the months were ticking by. The stunning Travetine paving, which was imported from Turkey started to be laid. There were detailed areas paved in indian limestone, which complemented the Travetine. Specialist contractors installed the amazing outdoor kitchen and seating area complete with fireplace and water feature. The dream was rapidly becoming a reality. 

Garden Completion (August) .A

As the summer moved on the project neared completion. The new lawn had been installed, the buildings were completed and finishing touches being installed. Benches constructed from composite boards were installed around the fire pit area and looked amazing. They would require no maintenance and make life easier for the customer. The walk-way around the sunken level of the garden, aptly nicknamed Wisteria Lane was completed and eventually planted up've guessed it, trailing Wisteria. This will look and smell amazing next year. Garden furniture and water features arrived and were installed. Nurseries delivered plants and trees and they were installed in the beds. 

The large area of Travertine looked stunning and would give our customers maximum flexibility for sunbathing, parties and entertaining. The hot-tub was installed on its newly paved base with a matching covered area above to tie in with the kitchen and seating area. The total effect was outstanding. The overall finished garden was essentially what had been initially designed by us. There had been a few logistical and aesthetic changes, like the water features....but ultimately the completed garden was true to the design.


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