Hi I am Steve the director of The Garden Surgery. I was born in Telford in Shropshire. I have always had a keen interest in architecture and house design, but I had a father who was just keen to get me out to work earning money to pay my way. In fact my dad landed me my first job in a woodwork factory and needless to say I hated it. Being a Sagittarius I have a love of the great outdoors. After that job ended which was not long at all I had then had a string of jobs which made me unhappy until I was offered a 2 year training course with NEW CAREERS TRAINING. I was offered a placement at Blists Hill museum doing LANDSCAPING. It was my dream job, we planted the entrance gardens and also constructed woodland walks. The pay offered was minimal but the job was so good and in fact I gave 2 years of my life to it. When that position finished I walked the length of Telford to get at least some building site work and fortunately before long I did. I started learning the many different trades on offer and after many contracts and projects coming to an end I was forced to move in a different direction by working for ASDA. I started off pushing trolleys, then went into security and finally then into customer services which was really where I was at home. Asda showed me how to treat customers and give them excellent customer service. I then left Asda due to a shortage of staff and the company overworking me. I moved into the removals sector where I worked for WHITE AND COMPANY and that job involved moving the army and RAF around the world. Secondly within removals I went to join PICKFORDS and became a trained expert on antiques and export packing. I passed all the training programs with flying colours and when Pickfords introduced an employee of the month scheme (which was based on how many customers praised your efforts on customer service) I won the title and this was employee of the month for the Midlands region. At that time I was very proud to get the award. I learned that going that extra mile for the customer really gets you noticed and it's a practice I still repeat today. After Pickfords ended which was really down to mad working hours from 7am till 8pm. I then went to work for a small independent removals company, but in time I began to feel a little undervalued. There was  a young lad who worked there called SMILEY he had always dreamed of getting out of the removals game and becoming a gardener, he said "why don't you start your own gardening business?"  SO THAT'S WHAT I DID...! 



Taking Smileys advice I handed my notice in. While on my way home I was trying to think of a name for my new business, most company's are called 'a b c  landscapes' or "Dave`s landscapes' etc, but I really wanted to be different so "THE GARDEN SURGERY" was born. I went to the printers and had a t shirt printed with a slogan called "Telford's own Ground-Force  I really do cringe at that slogan now! With my t-shirt ready I went into the garden shed and got a wheel barrow, spade also a fork and a  Flymo lawn mower. I then headed across the street to where the pensioners bungalows were. I offered to cut the back and front lawns for £3.50.  It was an instant success and I finally managed to buy my own house, but the biggest problem was........ I didn't drive. Fortunately where I lived everywhere was easy to get to by foot.  I only had to take my tools on the bus once. The good new was the business was going from strength to strength. I then took on a couple of casual staff to keep up with the demand for grass cutting. Meanwhile customers were asking for other work such as tree felling, fencing and mini garden makeovers. I really wanted to be able to design gardens too. I needed to expand and that meant driving so I then advertised in the job centre for a Landscape assistant. A chap then came forward called Tony and he provided the transport and ran me about but also he came with the skills I needed on how to landscape gardens. I learned so much from him that before much longer we were taking on larger projects and I was able to fulfil my dream of  designing gardens. It was now time to show off our work and the first website was born which was designed and constructed by myself and gave people a good idea of what we were about.



In 2003 I was desperate for a change and I decided to relocated Stoke on Trent. Before long I sold my Telford house and moved fully to Stoke. During this time I learned to drive and I passed my test so after 3 long years The Garden Surgery was mobile.  I had to make a decision would I travel the 2 hours each day to Telford and back? I decided to launch The Garden Surgery in STOKE ON TRENT and handed the Telford side over to Tony, as far as I know it`s still running under another name. In 2004 I knocked doors armed with plenty of leaflets I finally got a good collection of customers for my garden tidy business named "The Garden Zone", again like Telford the business grew very rapidly and very soon the The Garden Surgery was doing makeovers and the garden tidy's were contracted out. The First garden makeovers were on the Whitehill estate in Kidsgrove, and looking back on my early work today I'm not that impressed by it, but we employed a good team of staff  and we moved into landscaping new build houses. This really showed my creative design skills and each year we were trying different designs and new materials, My golden rule has been give a fair price. 2007 saw the The Garden Surgery reach its ambition and we undertook a large project on Cheshire`s WYCHWOOD PARK. The gardens were getting bigger so 7 years down the line we hope our 8th year hits the same level of success, with good honest values !


In 2013 The garden surgery undertook some amazing garden transformations, it was an amazing year. We worked on sheer cliff faces and awkward access gardens all to make the impossible possible.

In 2013 we launched Our new 3D computer generated concept plans made it easier for our customers to visualize the final project before the Final garden construction. It Still amazed me how we can take a 3D drawing and create the exact design in reality.

2014 The Biggest change happened. As detailed further up we started the company in Telford and 2014 saw our return to Shropshire as part of a ongoing expansion plan. We relocated our office to Shrewsbury where we can offer more central geographical location for our projects. We have one main phone number, which will serve all the counties we cover. 

In 2014 Emma became the office manager at the Garden Surgery, She has injected her own high level of customer service which we have been renowned for. Emma also Took over the 3D garden design duties and designed some amazing projects. Emma`s talents don't stop with office management or design she is the Face of the garden surgery and undertakes the initial appointment's. Together we make the Garden Surgery what it is today.

2015, our busiest year yet for garden projects. We completed 22 amazing landscaping projects from the initial garden design right through to completion. The projects got bigger and more complex, but we were ready for the challenge. Our geographical area expanded and Emma certainly moved garden design to another level. 

2016 began with a bang and a new challenge. DIY SOS, came to Shropshire and we were asked to design and build the garden for the BBC. We jumped at the opportunity to be involved with such a worth while project. The weather was horrendous that winter, we were frozen solid but we kept going. Again our geographical area expanded. We produced some  of our most outstanding and ambitious gardens to date  in 2016. We spent 6 months in 2015 planning a large scale build in Cheshire and started in February 2016. The garden was large and complex. It took six months from start to completion to construct, Only known as The Cheshire Big Build.

2017 Was yet another DIY SOS assignment, The BBC asked us to help on a design and build project in West bromwich to help a family affected by cancer, We assembled a crack team of landscapers and created the most amazing garden, This episode will be aired in 2018 





The Garden Surgery TIME LINE

2000 - Left my job as a removal man and devised Garden Surgery name & started cutting lawns on                   Malinslee in Telford. Used the name The GardenZone for all garden maintenance jobs. 

2001 - Started taking on small garden clearance jobs in local area of Malinslee in Telford.

2002 - Took on bigger jobs in Telford such as turfing and smaller Garden makeovers

2003 - Expanded into other parts of Telford and Took on more staff.

2004 - Moved The Garden Surgery to Stoke on Trent and Started again cutting lawns got a contract                with Port vale football club to cut club house gardens.

2005 - Built up a successful grass cutting and maintenance business and started taking on small                    garden Makeovers in Stoke on Trent.

2006 - The Garden Surgery was becoming one of the main landscaping companies in Stoke and                       expanded rapidly. Became the main landscaper on Trentham lakes with 5 projects in one year.

2007 - We expanded and won Larger projects on the gated community of Wychwood park and other                parts of Cheshire.

2008 - More projects were being undertaken on Wychwood park and the business was growing                        steady. We expanded out to Uttoxetor, Stone & Nantwich.

2009 - We stepped up our hand designed plans and created some amazing Makeovers.

2010 - We expanded back into Shropshire, especially Telford several times this year.

2011 - Saw the start of our famous Charity big Frodsham project. To repair the work of a rogue trader.              Projects this year were much Larger and saw our excellent sleeper work come to light.

2012 - We got the Chance to design and build a stunning contemporary garden at Bostock hall in                  Cheshire. Also saw us complete projects in Manchester and Coventry.

2013 - 3D We started to design in 3D Cad which made our design service really took off, We also                      Moved to Shrewsbury to Allow better coverage of the three counties

2014 - Emma took the reins in the office and Help create a New look Garden surgery covering Three                 counties. Emma also started to improve the 3d Planning service. 

2015-  A very busy year spent creating the most amazing gardens ever. All planned in 3D and then built to our high standard. We have greatly expanded this service to provide a detailed and amazing virtual views of the gardens we build. 

2016- February we were invited to design and build a garden for BBC DIY SOS in Shropshire, The                     episode was aired in june. We also took on the amazing Cheshire big build.

2017 - We designed and built another amazing garden for BBC DIY SOS in West bromwich which is due to be aired in 2018


Call Emma now on 01743 467511 or Email Thegardensurgery@hotmail.co.uk

Pickfords Steve

Pickfords Steve.

Nothing really changes !

large design and build 2002

First makeover in Telford 2003

Early Cheshire design & build 2005

Euturia, Stoke on Trent 2012

Stallington 2013

Stallington, Staffs  2013

Basford, Stoke 2014