(CAD) = Computer aided design



The Garden Surgery has always prided itself on giving value for money and going that little extra mile for our customers. In order to bring ideas to life we have to visualise it. We are able do that by designing gardens using our design programme. As a team we both contribute extensively to the design process. We are both experienced garden designers and Steve is an experienced landscape contractor. His vast knowledge of building gardens and the construction work required to build complex gardens is vital in the design process. 

We will work with you, the customer to gain your ideas, aspirations and individual requirements for your garden and make those dreams a reality. All our fantastic gardens are built to plan. This is key to our process of building and ensuring your garden is perfect and built to our extremely high standard.

In order to build your dream garden we will require a budget to work within. This key piece of information helps us to select and advise on materials and also how far we can push or imaginations. By designing the garden in 3D you are able to see how your entire garden will look once completed. You will receive plans from different perspectives and views so that you can see all aspects of your garden once completed.

The process takes a little time, patience is required. We endeavour to give a time frame in which the designs will be completed and delivered to your inbox. By the time the design is complete Steve  and Emma will know the design inside out. Most customers are thrilled with the plan straight away and love and appreciate the effort that goes into a plan. We often get it right first time however some may require a minor tweak. We are more than happy to accommodate your changes and ideas. After all its your garden, we want to get it right for you. 

Basic 2D plans are free and quotes are free of charge because we believe its important the customer is able to see exactly what garden they will have at the end of the build process. All our gardens are built to plan. This demonstrates our commitment to providing outstanding workmanship and quality. 

Satisfaction for us is when customers say "it looks exactly like the plan"



As experienced garden designers we are able to offer a more detailed service to those customers who wish to make their own arrangements for building their gardens. We have various options in which we can offer you a collection of detailed scale 3D drawings.  The plans offered in the service will be more detailed and comprehensive than offered in the free package. These plans will include planting schemes, section cuts, detailed dimensions and contractor consultation if required. Please give the office a call for more details. There are many uses for these plans such as if you choose to build the garden yourself, of have another contractor in mind within a certain time frame. Please ask about this service. 

The garden above was built in 2015. The circular pathway garden is in Butt Lane, Stoke on Trent. Fully planned in 3D then built by the team. It was planned to provide interest, to be easy to maintain and is stunning to look at from any position in the garden

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